Market Commentary

Weekly Newsletter: January 23, 2023

"Despite widespread expectations that markets would move lower early in 2023, major U.S. stock indices have trended higher." View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: January 17, 2023

"After last year’s geopolitical turmoil, economic malaise, and tumultuous stock market decline, many financial professionals – from investors to asset managers – have strong opinions about what will happen in 2023." View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: January 9, 2023

"Demand for workers in the U.S. remained strong in 2022, bringing the unemployment back to where it was before the pandemic." View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: January 3, 2023

"Will 2023 bring a recession or a soft landing?" View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: December 27, 2022

"Last week, positive earnings news and strong labor market data were countered by cooling inflation and slower consumer spending." View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: December 19, 2022

"Over the course of this year, the fed funds rate has risen from near zero to 4.33 percent. That’s an enormous increase designed to drop inflation by slowing economic growth – and the Fed expects growth to slow." View Newsletter »