Conference Calls

Conference Call: October 19, 2023 "Expectations for the Rest of 2023" 

We discussed our views on the current economic conditions and what we expect for the rest of 2023 and into the new year. 

Conference Call: July 25, 2023 "What to look for the Last of 2023" 

We discussed events of the first half of 2023 and what could possibly be expected for the second half. We showcased what investors should look forward to as we finish out the year.

Conference Call: April 20, 2023 "Current Investment And Economic Update" 

We discussed the current investment and economic environment and what we see as trends and opportunities moving forward. 

Conference Call: January 24, 2023 "Expectations for 2023" 

We briefly discuss the factors which resulted in a challenging last year and look forward to what we expect for 2023. We highlight some developing trends we believe will make an impact as the year progresses. We provide new information on recent tax law changes and when and what tax information to look for to complete your 2022 income tax return. 

Conference Call: October 28, 2022 "Trending Market Conditions" 

On this call we discussed the trending market conditions that we have experienced so far for 2022. We also discussed several factors we are watching as we finish the remainder of the year and begin 2023. 

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Conference Call: July 19, 2022 "Second Quarter Market Update" 

On this call we discussed the current market and economic environment and how to navigate these challenging conditions.