Conference Calls

Conference Call: July 20, 2021 "Can the Great Start of 2021 Finish Well?" 

On this call we discussed our views on the economy through the first half of the year and what could affect it throughout the remainder of the year.

Conference Call: April 15, 2021 "Can the Market Rise & Economic Recovery Continue?" 

Markets continue to pick-up so far in 2021 where they left off in 2020 – going up, up and up! In this call we highlight several reasons why we feel this can continue for the balance of 2021 and reach even new higher levels in the markets. We also discuss a few perils to watch that would cause the economy to slow down. We review our current portfolio positions and a recent investment change within our clients' portfolios. We also provide several tax savings ideas given this call was held on April 15th! 

Conference Call: January 19, 2021 "What Do We Expect for 2021 and the Economy?" 

In this call we discussed our expectations for 2021 as well as the potential impact of the new administration on the economy. 

Conference Call: October 21, 2020 "3rd Quarter Economic and Investment Update" 

In this call we reviewed the markets so far in 2020, and discussed the effects that COVID-19 and the Presidential election could have on the economy and markets for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.