Conference Calls

Conference Call: July 15, 2020 "2020 So Far - WOW!" 

This call reviews the crazy peaks and valleys we have seen in 2020. We discuss the economic winners and losers of COVID-19 as well as present four factors to watch for the remainder of 2020. 

Conference Call: March 17, 2020 "Coronavirus Impact On Markets" 

We discussed how these uncertain times are driving the markets and why there are such wild daily swings. We reviewed the positioning of portfolios and last fall's shift toward safety which helps weather these financial storms. As partners in clients' financial future, we highlight six areas we are focusing on through these unprecedented events. 

Conference Call: January 21, 2020 "Expectations for 2020 and Recent Retirement Law Changes" 

During this call we discussed what tax forms you can expect to see soon in your email or snail mailbox, what we might see happening in the markets in 2020, and also talked about some changes to retirement tax laws for 2020 and beyond.

Conference Call: October 17, 2019 "Third Quarter Economic and Investment Update" 

On this call we discussed our views on the current economy and how we expect to manage clients' retirement resources through future market conditions. 

Conference Call: July 16, 2019 "Market Review: Where Do We Go From Here?" 

On this call we discussed the markets thus far in 2019, and talked about a few of the trades we've made over the past few months. We covered some factors that affect market performance such as the Fed, inflation, tariffs, unemployment, corporate earnings, consumer spending, and the upcoming 2020 elections. Finally, we went over some of the changes we are making in our clients' accounts to weather any potential market shifts over the next year and a half.