Conference Calls

Conference Call: July 19, 2022 "Second Quarter Market Update" 

On this call we discussed the current market and economic environment and how to navigate these challenging conditions.

Conference Call: April 21, 2022 "Where Do the Markets and the Economy Go From Here?" 

The US Economy is going through a battle between forces dragging it down and forces boosting growth. On this call we discussed several forces on each side of the battle and provide advice on how to navigate this challenging time. 

Conference Call: January 18, 2022 "What is the Market Landscape for 2022?" 

This call took a quick look back at a pretty amazing 2021 in the markets, which saw the 3rd largest returns this century. We then took a look at how likely this upward trend is to continue. We looked at several challenges the market is facing, as well as several encouraging factors we see in the economy. We also outlined some tax information as tax season draws near and provided an update on our business continuation plan. 

Conference Call: October 19, 2021 "Market Update and Business Continuation Plan" 

On this call we discussed the markets briefly, and then answered the top 9 questions clients have had regarding our new Business Continuation Plan.